Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happenings: CSO 2nd Anniversary Event

Counter-Strike Online celebrates its 2nd Birthday with two smashing events on the 11th and 12th of November 2012!

On 11th November 2012, We kickstarted our birthday celebration with a shot of adrenaline rush at Red Dynasty Paintball Park.

While waiting for our gamers to arrive...

We bet CaptainCannon likes Red Dynasty Paintball Park

CaptainCannon is looking around.
CaptainCannon & MisterKai are taking photo with the welcoming banner.

Welcoming our contenders!

  • Contract Killers
  • FearNoScenario
  • FTW
  • Avengers
  • JyuuPuro
  • Sexy Beast
  • TBC

Our gamers are signing their attendance.

Checkout on the gears! Are you feeling the burn of competition yet?

The protection mask!
The protection vest!

Our friendly partners at Red Dynasty took all attending fraggers through rules and regulations of the match.

Waiting for briefing.

Explaining to Rules & Regulations of the match (Photo 1)

Explaining to Rules & Regulations of the match (Photo 2)

Explaining to Rules & Regulations of the match (Photo 3)

Following the deathmatch format, we pit fraggers against each other in teams of 5.

The objective of the game is simple.

  1. Neutralise the opponent team's cone.
  2. Defuse bomb.
  3. Secure the team flag for victory.

The briefing includes a sneak walkthrough around the paintball field.

Welcome to Scenario Field!

Despite on the bad weather condition yesterday...

Scenario Field briefing (Photo 1)

Scenario Field briefing (Photo 2)

Strategising the plan

And once briefing has concluded, we commence to the drawing of bracket!

Bracket placement

The first teams to head out into the field are: Contract Killers & FearNoScenario.


Gears On (Photo 1)

Gears On (Photo 2)

Let the battle begin!

Team Spirit!

It’s really tougher than it looks to secure the team flag for victory.

In the qualifying round, the teams have to do an additional task: Flag Raising.

Despite the scorching weather, everyone enjoyed themselves. Just look at the smiles on their faces!


Team Contract Killers emerged as the champion at the end of the fraggers round and went for the final boss stage – meeting the PowahPUFF in the battlefield!

Team PowahPUFF is planning their strategy

Team Contract Killers has their faith in winning

The Boss match begins

PowahPUFF: Face off!


The struggle for victory continues and at the end of the round, the declared winner was...
Contract Killers!

After an intense day at Red Dynasty, it’s prize-giving time!


Red Dynasty Caps & T-shirts!

2nd Runner Up: FearNoScenario
Prize: Birthday “Angpao” worth S$50 with Red Dynasty Paintball Caps & T-shirts.

2nd Runner Up: FearNoScenario

1st Runner Up: Sexy Beast
Prize: Birthday “Angpao” worth S$150 with Red Dynasty Paintball Caps & T-shirts.

1st Runner Up: Sexy Beast

Champion: Contract Killers
Prize: Birthday “Angpao” worth S$250 with Red Dynasty Paintball Caps & T-shirts.

Champion: Contract Killers

This event was made possible with the support of Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Following the extreme workout on the 11th, it’s time to chill out on the next!

Concluding our 2 days celebration, we held a intimate gathering at The Studio Bar.

It was a cosy setting with food and beverages catered to our hungry fraggers.

Feeling Hungry now? 

The PowahPUFF were packed with loads of in-game items to give-away. Of course, nothing is for free... they had to win it from them!


We had rounds of Indian Poker and Blackjack with CT and TR sets as stakes. More than 15 sets were given away by CaptainCannon and Kitxy.

The final highlight of the event was the lucky draw with attractive prizes like ...

Video footage is Courtesy of  Kyosuke
*We are experience some difficulties on the audio playback.

Our chill-out session with gamers went exceedingly well, all thanks to the support of our F&B partner – The Studio Bar.

We would like to thank all fraggers who turned up for our events , making it a successful celebration for CSO’s 2nd Anniversary!

So, does it look fun to you?

YOU are invited too!

For those who wish to take part in our future CSO events, do follow on our CSO official website and blog for further news.

Signing off,


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